Introducing MemoAssist.

MemoAssist is a task-focused, productivity tool for families with ADHD. It’s loaded with features to keep kids with ADHD on track, focused, and motivated – all while providing real-time visibility and complete control for parents.

Here's How it Works

Parents can use MemoAssist to set up tasks for their kids, starting small with one or two recurring tasks like "take out the garbage cans". It uses a simple, intuitive set up process that only shows you the options you need when you need them.

MemoAssist also gives you the ability to use advanced task options such as creating recurring tasks with custom schedules and assigning tasks to more than one kid. Parents can also create checklists for kids such as "Bedtime Checklist" that has sub-tasks like "Brush Teeth" and "Lay out School Clothes". 

Failsafe Reminders

When it's time (or past time) for these tasks to occur, kids get failsafe reminders. The app keeps reminding them until they complete the task, and then follows up with focus alerts to remind them of what they’re supposed to be doing until they get the task done. 


Real-Time Oversight

Parents get some help too! Instead of hovering over your kids and quizzing them about what's been done (which is also damaging to their self-esteem), parents get real-time notifications (if they choose to) about when their kids start or finish a task, or when they  are late or miss tasks. Nagging and interrogations are a thing of the past - parents can stay on top of things from the bedroom, board room, or locker room, all through their app: MemoRemote.

Day View

Simple Task Setup

Week View


View the entire week in one view.



Define checklists.

I have an 11-year old boy who has ADHD, in addition he has difficulty remembering and can not maintain routines. We have previously used lists that got lost, but now it’s just a sound from the iPad and then he knows just what to do. MemoAssist has made our life easier.
— Tina
MemoAssist is a really good app which I have recommended and will continue to recommend to both educational staff, teachers, parents and young people who need to create an overview. Both overview of the week, day and task. It is really easy to use and the has a good design that makes it inviting to look at and work with. It’s very good that you can both use words, pictures and symbols and that it can be combined as needed.
— Camilla

Use the builtin symbols, use your own photos or any picture from the internet.

Use audio messages with every task or checklist.


Use the timer to establish the feeling of time passing.

Fjernstyring - MemoAssist kan fjernstyres af din familie eller af plejepersonalet som hjælper dig i din hverdag. Men programmet MemoRemote kan de lægge aktiviteter ind i din MemoAssist og følge med i hvordan det går.

With the MemoRemote app parents can stay on top of things from the bedroom, board room, or locker room.

 Create checklists for kids such as "Bedtime Checklist" that has sub-tasks like "Brush Teeth" and "Lay out School Clothes"

When parents set up tasks, they also can assign a specific number of tokens to award kids for finishing the task on time.

With iBeacons you can create checklists bound to a specific indoor location.

MemoAssist can be locked to prevent accidental editing.

Change the look and feel of MemoAssist in many different ways.